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Leveraging IT Service Management with Kelly Moodie of Provance

Productivity, security and cost-savings in D365

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“When the work from home order came, we saw many companies scrambling,” says Kelly Moodie. She’s the CEO of Provance, an IT Service Management (ITSM) company built on the Dynamics 365 platform.  

ITSM is a process-based approach to aligning information technology (IT) services with an enterprise’s needs. It involves shifting away from managing IT as stacks of individual components to providing end-to-end services using best practice process models. In particular, Provance is PinkVerify certified for 11 ITIL processes, an international standard for ITSM best practices.

Because Provance is built on D365 and PowerPlatform, it behaves synergistically with the technologies Microsoft Partners and customers are already using, as well.

“We’re in the Microsoft cloud,” Moodie says. “We’re cloud-first, just like so much of the world now, which makes scaling IT resources up and down seamless. We work just as well with enterprise-level customers as we do with SMBs.”

Because Provance leverages the Microsoft Cloud, Moodie says that her customers report a sense of added security. By building an ITSM solution into a platform that organizations already know they can trust, Provance has developed a system that is easy to adopt, easy to integrate and easy to use.

“The efficiencies and cost-savings of not having to integrate these disparate applications and workflow engines cannot be overstated,” says Moodie. “Having these common Microsoft technologies used across all applications is absolutely huge.”

Having a streamlined workflow during a major transition – like moving to a work-from home format – is a boon to productivity and a blessing for peace-of-mind.

“Part of what Provance does is help organizations keep track of their digital assets,” says Moodie. “Where are they stored? Who needs access to them? How can they be moved around securely?”

Having the ability to manage the assets without ever leaving the Microsoft ecosystem?


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